Friday, October 21, 2011


We wakened our 3rd day in Baltimore to a light drizzle and heavy fog.

The Domino Sugar sign reflected eerily across the water. As the weather was predicted to get worse in a couple of days we decided to leave and head for Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore, a relatively short trip across the bay.

Leaving Baltimore we were accompanied by a lot of sailing ships as there was to be a race held later that morning further out on the bay.

After an uneventful trip, with our sharp eyed daughter watching for crab pots, we worked out way up the river to Haven Beach Marina.

The helpful, but whimsical dock master gave us a slip next to a boat of the same name. The couple, who were on their way to Florida's west coast when they were sure of a spell of good weather, spent their summers here at the Haven Marina.

The facilities at the Marina were very nice, but unfortunately they were already closed for the season. There was a swimming pool, tennis courts, restaurant, and bikes at the exorbitant price of $5 an hour. Since we had to go in town for lunch, it would have added $40 to our lunch bill, a bit much for "off season". We talked them into an hour free and Chuck and I picked out our bikes while my sister and daughter began walking to town.

First we watched the ducks bathing in the water.

Then we picked up our bikes and rode into town for lunch,

Detouring a bit to see some of the fall decorations done by the locals.

Back at the Marina for the afternoon we had a period of sunshine, perfect for photos of the tall masts against the blue sky.

At marinas I am always fascinated by the different ways skippers tie their boats to the cleats - some neatly, some not.

And by the names they bestow on their favorite toy.

Some are a very clever play on words.

Some leave you wondering about the true meaning.

We had a wonderful dinner that evening at the Swan Point Inn down the road and it included transportation both way. There we met a couple who were at the Inner Harbor Marina in Baltimore with us. A small world!!

The disintegrating weather on the way we left early the next morning to return to Cape May. After another rough ride down the Delaware, bucking the tide again, we entered the Canal just before the ferry left the dock.

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