Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The day or so before Hurricane Irene was scheduled to arrive on the New Jersey coast, having already battened up the house, stowed away outdoor furniture, trash cans, flower pots etc, I got out early with my camera.

Of course my first destination was the beach where the sun had just come up.

Then I hopped in my car, before stowing it in the garage for the duration of the storm, to take what I thought would be my last picture of the causeway shack. I had already planned a name for the shot I would take after the hurricane - "Good night Irene".

I then walked around the neighborhood to see what people were doing before complying with the mandatory evacuation - we had already made the decision to stay. Our neighbors behind us were taking a last dip in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

Or out with camera, as I was, after measuring the beach to see how much sand we would lose.

Carol Freas, our friendly artist and barber was trimming her husband's hair. Chuck, my sister and I immediately got in line.

And the shop at the corner was already boarded up in preparation for high winds.

As were our friends on the ocean front.

Later that day I returned to the beach to see what was happening to the beach replenishment as the sky darkened and the surf increased. This cliff had been created by the high tides,

And was gradually being breached by the waves.

As the surf gained strength huge plumes of salt water and sand were thrown up into the air. I decided it was time to leave.

Looking back, there was still plenty of beach in front of the dune fence. I would wait to see what Irene did.

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