Friday, August 19, 2011


The other night I received a very welcomed call from Sandy Sandy, a wonderful artist and photographer who I see too rarely. She had a new camera and lens and wanted to come to the island early in the morning to try it out on the beach. In preparation I took a quick walk to on beach to see what I could see.

This fisherman was really getting into spirit of the sport in going after the fish - if the waves don't get him first.

The June beach replenishment, which I documented on an earlier post, covers the jettys for the time being, and took away a source of food for the gulls. This lone gull found one newly exposed rock complete with muscles.

The beach was speckled with the occasional moon jelly fish which if stepped on was very slippery.

These four little girls scared -

These four sandpipers which took off over the waves. There were photos to be had.

However, the next morning we decided to head first to the light house at the northern end of the island. Though the light wasn't very good, someone had gone to the trouble to arrange rocks into a heart and peace sign.

This young father was out on an early walk with his young children following, while, as he told me his wife got to sleep in late.

After admiring some of the flowers by the light house on the way to the car, we decided to head for the Viking Village, the home of most of the commercial scallop and fishing boats on the island.

Having taken many pictures of the fleet on other days, my eyes when to this colorful pile of nets on the dock behind one of the boats.

And on the boat itself these shredded lines were still wet with water, though the largest droplet at the bottom of this strand dropped off before I got my camera out and focused.

On the bay side of the docks the grasses picked up the sunlight as the sky cleared momentarily.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Beautiful photos! Looks like such a fun place.

Spiritartartist said...

Wow Sal! Another GREAT collection of photos. Love them all! Can't pick a favorite, it's between the fisherman, girls, ropes and sea grass. :-D