Wednesday, August 31, 2011


After spending the day glued to the TV while working on a jigsaw puzzle, and an amazingly good night's sleep, we went to a friend's walkway by the ocean to assess the damage.

At first light we could see that the ocean had come up and broken some of the dune fence.

Going back a short time later we could see that it was still doing so.

The bay at the end of the street was churned to a fury,

And water covered the street. Damage in Surf City was non-existent and we never lost electricity or water. Later we learned that the eye had broken apart before reaching our island and the storm had been downgraded to a tropical storm with gusts no higher than 55 mph, a typical winter nor'easter. We really dodged a bullet - not so with a good part of the East that is suffering with massive flooding.

After the storm the sun returned by 4:00 in the afternoon prompting a beach walk. The jettys (groins) which had been covered by sand had reappeared.

The rocks were still covered with barnacles, though now quite dead.

The waves threw up interesting plumes against the blue sky,

and sprays of mist as they collided with the off shore winds.

Long buried sand reappeared to create patterns on part of the beach

The surfers returned in large numbers,

And exited the ocean with big smiles.

When the sun shone on the ocean spray it created a rainbow of colors.

This shop owner said it all with his newly written message. All we "Islanders" are very happy to be safe, and very sorry for the in-landers who are still struggling with their after effects of Hurricane Irene.

P.S. The Causeway Shack still looks the same.

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Spiritartartist said...

WOW Sally! Awesome commentary and so many breathtaking shots!! I love how you rearranged the posts so it all reads as it should . . . like a story - as it happened! Love the surfer shots and that rainbow wave is magical.