Friday, August 19, 2011


Leaving the Viking Village we headed south towards the other end of the island, looking along the way for an interesting entrance to the beach. The replenishment and new walkway made it difficult.

I suggested we stop at the Surf City Yacht Club to see if anything might be going on there - it wasn't. However the view of the causeway bridge is always good from the waterfront.

The sunfish fleet lay idly on the shore -

And the American flag and Yacht Club burgee were just being hoisted up the yardarm.

Moving down the island on the ocean road, we continued to look for an interesting beach entrance at the end of the streets - finally stopping at this one.

The walk over the dune was worth it, providing this view of the ocean and beach as I remember it before they "replished" our beach. Ours will surely return to "the way it was" after a few good storms.

Though the sun was now higher in the sky, the dune fence still provided some interesting shadows.

Reaching the end of the island at Holgate, Sandy continued to work with her new camera. Check out some of her photos on her blog -

As we were heading back to the car I spied this hurriedly parked little girl's bike along with her shoes. I am sure her feet were already deep in beach sand.

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Spiritartartist said...

Hey Sally! It was really wonderful to get together yesterday. I think we definitely should do it more often! I love your shots!! How did you get all those awesome walkway shots? I don't remember them!! You are an inspiration!! Thank you for spending the morning with me!!