Wednesday, August 10, 2011


On our last day in Colorado, we decided to take a last hike part way up West Maroon where I heard that the flowers were still good.

Driving out Washington Gulch Road we found that the "Mountain Men" were amassing for there yearly outing.

Topping the Paradise Divide the lake was as smooth as glass.

Though the Glacier Lilies were long gone by this time of the summer. we found a few Elephant Heads still blooming by the water.

Starting up the path towards Schofield Park I found the old cabin more a pile of rubble than I remembered from my last hike this way several years ago. It is reminiscent of the clam shack on the causeway to Long Beach Island in NJ.

The Indian Paintbrush and Colorado Columbine, though past their prime, were still beautiful.

The path lead uphill through an ever changing array of wildflowers, sometimes as high as the waist.

We had a snack and talked to hikers coming from and going to Aspen, and a few who we knew who were out for shorter hikes like us.

Coming down I took a detour to grab a shot of the stream.

The water hurried over large rocks creating small falls,

And over colorful pebbles brought down in past years.

Re-tracing our route to the top of the Paradise divide, My husband stopped the car so I could grab another shot of 2 of my favorite flowers, the Colorado Columbine and the Rosy Paintbrush.

Leaving the Pass behind I could look back at the stream, still clogged in places with snow, and the aptly named Cinnamon Mountain.

Descending the valley Crested Butte Mountain again appeared in the distance. Another great day!!

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