Thursday, July 28, 2011


We have been back in the Colorado mountains for a week and a half enjoying the cool mountain air and the incredible array of wildflower. But before I get into that I decided to post a bit of what was happening at the New Jersey Shore. Beach replenishment seems the be the buzz word along the Eastern coast. The Corps of Engineers did it about 3 years ago on our beach during the winter, and in doing so they tapped into a dump of WWI and WWII arsenal several miles off our shore. They managed to deposit over a thousand pieces on our beach, and then spent a year digging them up and disposing of them. This time it was done a bit differently. The source of new sand was the "Harvey Cedars Lump". a great fishing spot about 2 miles off our shore. For a while it had been renamed by the locals as the "Harvey Cedars Canyon".

This barge traveled to the site about every 2 hours, filled up with sand and then brought it in and pumped it through large pipes laid under water and along our beach,

The sand was sifted through a "hopper" which strained it of potentially dangerous materials.

As the tractors moved the sand, gulls arrived by the hundreds to get another free meal from anything edible that was arriving with the sand.

When the Hopper showed clean water, the pumps on the barge were turned off, and the real work began on the beach.

The Hopper was turned over and inspected as the barge returned to sea for another load.


Spiritartartist said...

Wow, what an operation!

Anonymous said...

Pretty neat! I'd like to get out there with my metal detector! Id probably find some Spanish coins! - Jerry