Thursday, July 28, 2011


Our block in Surf City has been celebrating our National Holiday for at least 40 years with a parade followed by games on the beach for children or all ages. Over the years the attendance and participation has grown enormously,

The colors are Red, White and Blue, and costumes are encouraged.

And sometimes little 4 legged creatures join in the fun.

And of course whole families.

The beach activities begin with the singing of our National Anthem and the pledge of allegiance to our flag, things too often overlooked in our present day society.

The games on our new wide beach are for kids of all ages, but some of us are now content to just cheer on the contestants.

The barrel race is always a highlight,

As is the Tug-A-War, boys against the girls.

Of course, the girls always seem to win, sometimes with a bit of help from the larger, stronger males.

The games always culminate with a pie eating contest for the children.

And hopefully with a swim afterwards.

To add to the spirit someone even decorated the old shack on the causeway for the July 4th Holidays.


Spiritartartist said...

I love this post Sally! That old shack looks like it's going down in style!

Sandy Sandy said...

GREAT SHOT. Glad you got this. You ought to do well selling this one on the island, now that it is no more. :(