Monday, June 20, 2011


We are back in Venice, Italy after 4 years. The last time (and 1st time) was for our 50th anniversary celebration. A lot seems different. First of all we miss our traveling buddy of 4 years ago, Carol Freas!! Also I don't remember this many people last time, which was only 2 weeks later, but I hear that June is the time most people head for the beach.

Even the canals were crowded.

We decided to do different things than we had our previous visit to Venice. Our first walk from our hotel to the Academia bridge we pass an art display of American characters, most of which I dare not display on the internet, but this particular statue grabbed my attention.

We crossed the Grand Canal on the Ponte de l'Academia to the area known as Dorsoduro, and to the waterfront on the other side. In particular we had two things in mind, recommended by our representative of VBT who we met briefly the evening before. One being one of the 3 remaining boat works in Venice where Gondolas are still built.

Another was her favorite ice cream spot called "Da Nico" which of course we managed to locate. But also we saw many more beautiful canals, and the waterfront.

Walking to the end of the "island" we saw part of the reason for the large crowds, especially in the St Marks area, which we had left as soon as possible. Standing at the tip. enjoying the view and resting our feet, we were passed by a huge cruise ship (not our way to travel, yet).

As we watched it pass we noted all the people standing on the top deck watching us, or at least enjoying their last view of Venice.

Walking back along the shoreline of the Grand Canal to find the Vaporetta stop to catch a ride to San Giorgio Island, we passed this amazing wood carver's shop where all the furniture and clothes hanging on the walls, umbrella included were carved of wood.

Arriving on Isola di San Giorgio we had a nice light lunch near this light house with many beautiful boats near by.

Our objective was the top of the bell tower of the Cathedral from which we were told was the best view of Venice.

Our information was not wrong. (My photos are many, but here is one.)

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