Monday, June 20, 2011


Our 2nd full day in Venice was a Tuesday, the day of the fish and vegetable markets, so we decided to experience them.

Leaving our hotel early we found our way to the Rialto Bridge, dodging young men pushing carts to deliver goods to stores and restaurants. We decided employment must be plentiful in Venice with no cars or trucks available to do this job. We got to the bridge in time to see this large boat loaded with water and beer pass beneath it.

The vegetable market was not a disappointment, it was a colorful display of bright and fresh vegetable and fruit.

These melons looked enticing,

As did these beautiful tomatoes, a rival of our wonderful "Jersey tomatoes".

The selection of fish was endless as one might expect in an area completely surrounded by water.

Scallops were on nearly every stand,

And flounder, a favorite of mine back home in New Jersey.

But this large, ugly fish is one I would not like to encounter in the sea, or perhaps on my dinner plate either.

This swordfish was gutted and ready to be cut up as the supply of steaks on the stands diminished.

Leaving the busy markets, we spent quite a bit of time looking for the "Cantina do Mori" which dates back to 1462 and was recommended by Rick Steve as a great place to buy Cicchetterie (light snacks like Spanish Tapas) and fine wine.

There was no place to sit, but the locals kept coming in for a quick snack and drink before going back to work, and of course I had to snap Chuck's picture in front of a few of the very old bottles of wine.

After a day of walking, and a very disappointing and expensive drink at Harry's bar, we had a lovely early (for Venice) dinner at an excellent restaurant, Caravelle back near the St Mark's area.

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