Monday, June 20, 2011


After a week or more of not being able to get back to my blog, our biking is over, safely, and we are in a wonderful hotel in Verona with internet access. So--here I am again. We left our Venice hotel by Vaporetta, boats being the only means of transportation in that water city, and were met near the airport by a luxurious bus for our 2 plus hour ride to Cortina.

Snapping a few pictures from our bus, I got my first view of the Italian Dolomites.

A part of the Alps, they were beautiful and rugged, but I was reassured by the rating of this trip as "easy" and I hoped that it lived up to its rating.

We passed areas of farmland and vineyards where Italy's reputation for fine wines and fresh vegetables was upheld.

Traveling through the valleys past red roofed villages we traversed roadways suspended high above the rivers on the valley floor.

Arriving at Cortina we checked into our beautiful Hotel Ancora in the heart of the city, and lunch at a local Pizzaria, getting to know some of our fellow bikers. This was the view from our room, could any place be more beautiful??

The next few hours were consumed with VBT's orientation, getting our bikes, which were very new, and taking a short check out ride up a hilly bike path. I was hoping this was not the way our EASY trip would be, as our guide, Elana patches up the first few scrapes.

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