Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Now that we are back at the Jersey Shore, to beautiful weather I might add, my thoughts return to the wonderful 3 weeks we had in Crested Butte, Colorado. The saying out there is, "people come for the winter, and stay for the summer" - and this year, especially, it is understandable why.

Our first morning in our Colorado home we were greeted with this spectacular view of the wildflowers and Red Lady Bowl at the top of Mt Emmons.

But our first chore was to stock up of cat food for our 4 legged family members necessitating a trip to Pet Smart in Montrose. On the way to Gunnison we encountered a cattle drive, a common occurrence here in the mountains.

On the way to Montrose we were impressed with the Height of the water in Blue Mesa. With the melt off of the big snow pack of last winter and the heavy rains of the early summer, it was filled to the brim.

In fact it had overflowed to the other side of the road creating lakes of clear reflections.

Back in Crested Butte the Slate River had deposited new "sand bars" from the early fast run-off.

The horses across the street were in heaven with luxurious grasses and wild flowers to munch on during the afternoons and evenings.

But they still came in willingly each morning to get their special treat of oats before the day of taking riders up on Snodgrass began.

Lucky horses - a corral with a view!!

A bit further down the valley these fortunate horses were saved from a glue factory by a local rancher for $1 each (with probably many more $$$ in vet bills). They arrived starving and in poor health but have been regaining strength feasting of the nourishing vegetation of the Gunnison Valley, and some have already been adopted.

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