Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Leaving our home for a walk through Prospect behind us is always a treat for my camera, and me.
Gothic Mountain, I think my favorite, appears behind the edge of Snodgrass. and our neighbor's yard.

Flowers everywhere draw my attention, and my camera, as did this Gaillardia or blanketflower.  Thanks to my good friend, Don Hempel in Crested Butte who helped my faded memory with flower IDs.

I was happy to see a variety of colors in this patch of yarrow beside the road.

Rocky Mountain Penstemon and Showy Fleabane were often side by side.

Silvery Lupine was still in bloom everywhere -

As were the bright yellow Sunspots.

The Rocky Mountain Penstemon and Scarlet Gillia or Fairy Trumpets complemented each other.

The aspens were in full leaf on the mountain sides behind a carpet of wildflowers.

We visited a new home under construction, and from its porch I took this picture of the East  River Valley.

Returning home after our walk Gothic Mountain with its smoky like cloud and the flowers on Snodgrass made a memorable sight.

As did the clouds that appeared to be emanating from the rock wall near our street end.

One last shot of the view across from our home as a final reminder of this beautiful part of Colorado,

As the clouds built up behind us to end another wonderful day in Paradise

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