Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Unlike my friends whose Blogs I follow, I am always behind these days.  Now  that we are back in New Jersey I realize that I never posted a thing from our 3 weeks in the Colorado mountains.  My excuse, if I need one is that a good bit of my time was taken trying to get our home ready to put on the market. We have gotten to the place in life where downsizing is becoming more than just a wish, it is a necessity.  Since I couldn't bring myself to sell our New Jersey home, for many reason hopefully it will be possible to do in Crested Butte.

Coming to our door, I have never seen this bush in full bloom.  Can anyone tell me what it is??

One of the first things I have to check when arriving home in Crested Butte is the horses across the street.  When not giving rides to patrons they are free to roam and graze on Snodgrass Mountain.  It is a beautiful sight in the morning and evening.
This year the wildflowers were exceptionally beautiful, even though we arrived after the end of the Wildflower Festival when they are at their height.  This view is looking from our yard towards Mt Emmons and Red Lady Bowl in the background

And the tip of Mt Crested Butte peaking over the old Link Runs - nice intermediate runs in the winter.  How I will miss these views.

Looking to the north from our home is the East River Valley with Mt Avery showing over the edge of Snodgrass

A trip into town for garden supplies made me stop by the Slate River for a shot up the Valley in the summer time.  This is a favorite of mine in the winter, when we spend most of our time here.

Passing the cemetery on the way back up the hill, I wandered through and snapped

This one of some of the beautiful wild flowers there.

Continuing on, I stopped by this beautiful display of Fireweed, always a favorite of mine,
Looking out our living room window one morning the fog in the valley between us and town looked like a large lake.

 And it lay also in the bottom of Gold Link, providing a lovely backdrop for the houses behind us.

But as the sun got warmer we could see clearly the horses as they worked their way back to the  corral for the oats always provided at the start of the day.

Both morning and evening views from our house are often spectacular as the clouds catch the rising and setting sun.
Just in case someone who looks at this might be interested in a home in this beautiful place, I am providing the web site and video.


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