Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Early in November we took another delightful break from the routine and traveled down to Cambridge, MD on the Chesapeake to play in another bridge tournament. What a great way to take mini vacations, meet new people, take new photographs and have fun.

On the way we stopped at St. Michael's for lunch,  A charming little town that we had visited several times before in Chuck's boat.  The parts of the town waterfront on Navy Point sit on a bed of oyster shells up to 10 feet thick in some places. 200 years ago it was a low marshy land and as industries like oyster shucking houses, a sawmill, a cannery and crab picking houses developed they needed more land to expand - so they created it by filling in the marsh and harbor with discarded oyoster shells.

The restaurant "The Crab Claw" has the best selection of Maryland Crab for lunch of anywhere we 
have eaten, that day was no exception.

We went on to the Hyatt Regency, a beautiful facility which was brand new the last time we were there years ago by boat.

 This little cove off o the river was a protected spot to tie up for the night.

Back home, on Long Beach Island, we continued our beach walks, never sure what we might find, or who we might meet.

The receding tide at times left beautiful patterns in the sand.

The birds were gathering for their journey south to warmer quarters for the winter.

The finishing touches were being put on our beach in the way of dune fence and walkways.  We 
wonder where they will be next spring after the winter nor'easters that are sure to come.

The last "big event" was the Ship Bottom anual Christmas Parade, we are usually gone by this time.  Of course here the theme was about the sea as this "first aid" whale exemplified.

Beside fire engines and emergency wagons from all of the surrounding townships, there were old cars
decorated with shore themes.

Boats being pulled by cars and trucks, and this rescue Jet Ski being towed by an ATV.

The private float took my eye, and the children towed by their Dad enjoyed being part of the parade.

Music was provided by a wide variety of group, including these Scottish bagpiper.

And how else would Santa arrive, except by boat.!!

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