Monday, January 6, 2014


I have neglected my blog for quite a long time, and now that we are back in Colorado and past the Christmas Holidays, I am thinking back to the good and bad.  The bad, first - just after my 2nd cataract surgery, and our beach visitor, I came down with a Staph infection in my eye.  A quick trip to Wills Eye in Philadelphia, and massive doses of antibiotics injected through my eyeball  saved my sight, though it took weeks (months really) of drops and treatment to be sure of a good result.  I tried to photograph with my left eye to the viewfinder with little success (what creatures of habit we are) but finally, when I was ready, reverted to "point and shoot".  However I still have photos to remind me of the good times.

Fall usually brings good  waves to the Atlantic, as this Kite Surfer at the end of our street attested to.

The colors come out in the flowers growing in the dunes, and the sky.


                                               And in the marshes on the bay side!


While their children huddle to keep warm.
On the beach the fishermen are out in force,
Late in the month we went to Lancaster to play bridge in a tournament. On a drizzly afternoon we took the opportunity of a drive through the countryside.  It had been many years since I had been in that part of Pennsylvania - and it was like a step back in time.

The Amish farmers were plowing their fields with a team of horses.

 The old stone houses were well preserved and cared for in the little town.

The Halloween decorations displayed by the home owners,

were a compliment to the well tended old graveyard by the church.

The Amish Horse & Buggies in the streets we traveled were a treat to photograph.

 But best of all was the opportunity to renew old friendships with Kathy and Stu  who live in York and we had not seen for too many years.

and the decorations in the hotel.
The bridge was fun, and we enjoyed the carved pumpkins -

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