Thursday, March 31, 2016


We had a wonderful visit with family in Dana Point, CA, and with our son and daughter-in -law, and on the way back to Colorado decided to spend a day in Bryce, Canyon N. P., one of the few National Parks in that state we had never visited.

It had rained in California and snowed in Utah, so as we approached our destination we began to see red rock appearing on the mountains covered with a thin layer of snow.

Looking skyward over the next mountain this cloud gave me concern for a moment until I remembered the tornadoes were rare in this king of terrain.

Nearing Bryce the scenery became more interesting with white cap rock appearing atop the red in places.

 And Hoodoos silhouetted against the blue sky.

 The road went through a couple of arches.

And the scenery got more spectacular.  We checked into our hotel and drove out to take some photos of the sunset near the lodge.

This little deer was grabbing a late afternoon snack.

And though we were told that the sunsets couldn't compete with the sunrises I thought this scene was not too shabby.

Putting 3 of my photos together into a panorama gives one a bit more prospective.

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