Thursday, March 31, 2016


We have been in Gunnison, Colorado all winter, and after a very cold one, with morning temperatures often minus 35 degrees, I thought spring had arrived to this part of the Rockies.  I should have known better. This morning we wakened to a dusting of snow, which means much more 35 miles north in the mountains of Crested Butte.  Since we gave up down hill skiing this year, while we prepare for our move back East, it doesn't excite me as it used to.  So I will be adding no snow scenes to my long neglected blog in this post.  We did take a wonderful drive back to California a short while ago to visit family and on the way to and from stopped in Utah for some sightseeing.

Already I have to apologize for my lie.  When I looked at my photos from this time I couldn't resist adding a couple shots as we traveled west towards Montrose and Utah beyond.

Even with the cloud above the new snow on frozen Blue Mesa and the mountains beyond was magical.  I will miss these scenes next year.

And as we began to pass under the Blue Sky the contrast between the white snow and the orange vegetation was beautiful to me.

Utah welcomed us with diminishing clouds, and the beginning of the red rock in the distance that gives so much or that state it beautiful color.

As we traveled west the sky turned a lovely blue and the rocks appeared redder under the clear sky.

We passed through what was called Outlaw Country, where Butch Cassidy and others outlaws hid from the law in the endless canyons.

And stopped to take a picture of Ghost Rock,

And admire Castle Mountain on our way to our stop in Cedar City for the night.

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