Friday, April 1, 2016


We are back from California and Utah, and almost finished the packing for our move back to Surf City, Long Beach Island, NJ, but things have not stopped here.  When we moved to Gunnison a year ago these wonderful birds arrived en-mass but I was never able to photograph them.  I was always in the wrong place, or my camera was, so I hope I would get another chance.  Years ago I took a workshop  in Bosque del Apache, NM, where the Sandhill Cranes winter, and I got many good photo of them in the ponds there, but I had not expected to see any again so close to home.  What a treat.

There was a huge flock (on which this is only a small part) feeding in  on the other side of the field behind our house at the end of the day.

 They began to get restless,  leaving a few at the time, and it wasn't long before more followed,

 probably to the golf course for the night.

As they rose into the sky over the mountains, they turn towards our house,

And the sun hit their wings.

 I ran out on the deck and caught these three as they flew over our house.  What a treat.

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