Saturday, April 23, 2016


Tired of packing for our move back to New Jersey on this beautiful day we decided to "take a hike".

The house we rented for this past year in Gunnison, Colorado was on Fairway Lane, across from the Dos Rio Golf Course.  A beautiful place where we could cross country ski in the winter, and with easy access to Hartman Rocks Recreational Area.  As always I took my camera, and this lovely lake on the golf course took my eye.

The trees had not leafed out as yet, but they still made a nice reflection with the blue sky and clouds.

Tomichi Creek runs at the bottom of our street, separating the Hartmans Rock recreation from the Dos Rio Golf course.

As we crossed the bridge we spied this marmot enjoying a bit of sunshine on one of the few remaining patches of snow.

The path up the hill was well traveled and easy to follow.

The rock formation were interesting and varied

Many covered with bright orange lichen

As we neared the top the colors of the cottonwood bushes stems,  still not leafed out were apparent.

They ranged from yellow to orange to a subtle red.

The rocks at the top were piled into interesting formations.

The path to " the top of the world" looked deserted until this young man on his motorbike appeared.

We watch the older rider take a fall near the top of the path, but he stopped by us, unhurt and with a smile on his face

We began our walk back down , me as usual trailing behind with my camera.  I seem to have more photo of my husbands rear over the years than I do of his face.

But he did turn at least look back when I called.

Before long we were at the bottom among the sage bushes with the golf course across the creek and the snow capped mountains in the distance.  I am really going to miss Colorado!!

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