Saturday, April 23, 2016


Living in Gunnison, CO this winter was a pleasant interim experience, despite the sometimes -35 degree mornings. Now that we are packing-up for our move back to NJ after 21 wonderful years in Colorado on a sunny Saturday a few weeks ago we decided to go out and enjoy the local scenery.  The house we rented for a year is right by a beautiful recreation area called Hartman's Rocks, so we decided the front side was probably dry enough from the morning sun to allow a hike.  The area is open to X-country skiing in the winter, and hiking, biking, Rock Climbing and dirt bikes the rest of the year.

Just off the parking lot there are 2 carved wooden figures, this ninja turtle on a unicycle, accompanied by a equally displayed bear.

As we started up the trail, the dirt was dry and the sky was blue.  We couldn't ask for more.

However as the progressed up the trail we started to encounter snow, and thus mud.

So we detoured to the right, staying at the same altitude.

The rocks which give the area its name began to appear in fascinating formations.

With the occasional tree seeming to grow
 out of them.

   Sage grew in abundance between the rocks adding a nice contrast of color and height.

The view, even from the height we attained was beautiful looking across the valley and the snow covered mountains to the north towards Crested Butte.

However the trip down at times gave me pause as the rock surface was wet and at times quite slippery.

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