Saturday, October 8, 2016


Just before the summer season was about to start, the equipment for the beach replenishment arrived.

The Crab kept on measuring the height of our beach while the tractors moved it around.

The cranes shoveled it into the hoppers to sift out the larger shells and other debris to keep our beach as clean as possible.

The crew worked day and night no matter what the weather.

At the end of our street, and others the dunes grew higher and higher,

Until to see the ocean you had to climb a small mountain.  Nature will reshape all by next winter I am sure.
Meanwhile July 4th weekend arrived and the beach that wasn't being worked on looked like "Coney Island".
Meanwhile back at our house, the mockingbirds who for generations have lived in our Holly Tree, built a nest in the Russian Olive,
 And produces offspring for the next generation.

 This little one was the first out of the nest and was ready to venture into the bigger world.

 And for us, the addition began with the removal of the roof where the new dormer was to be.

The structure went up fast and the new roof section was sealed and dry by the time of the next rain.

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