Saturday, October 8, 2016


I have totally neglected my blog for the past 6 months, and on this rainy day near the beginning of October I have decided to see if I can begin to catch up!!  Since this is something I do mainly for myself, kind of a photo diary, I doubt anyone out there will care either way, but just in case I will give my excuses now.   Late in April we moved out of Colorado.  We had sold our home in Crested Butte the year before and then rented a nice little house in Gunnison for a year.  Much of that time we debated if we were doing the right thing, selling possessions mainly on the internet and packing up what we couldn't and the things we thought we could fit into our already much smaller furnished home on the New Jersey shore.  The trip East was uneventful arriving 3 days later with two vehicles, a grown son and two cats.  The moving truck arrived a few days later, filled partly with our daughter's possessions, as she had moved to our home a couple of years earlier.

Then the fun began!!  We filled our garage to the ceiling, AND a large storage locker on the mainland, brought inside what we could and began hoping the small addition we had planned to our bedroom would begin before too long.
Helped with a 50th anniversary party for neighbors.

Our favorite Pittsburgh Cousins arrived with their friends.

Got up early to enjoy a beautiful sunrise on our beach.
And watched the sunset turn the dunes and their early flowers pink.


An early walk on the beach at low tide always gives me a feast for my camera.

And later in the day we are joined by the gulls.

I am always fascinated by tracks made in the sand by small animals.

The small bird on the left seemed to drag its toe, but does anyone know what made the track on the right??


But because another beach replenishment was scheduled to begin soon, it was easy to tell what made this track.  The "crab" that was measuring the height of the beach to determine the amount of sand that would have to be pumped in.

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