Sunday, October 16, 2016


For the past several years, near the middle of October the international Kite Festival comes to Ship Bottom, the community just south of us.  I took my camera, parked the car and went up the dunes to see what was happening.  NOT MUCH!  The sky was empty except for a few kites with long tails streaming down to the beach.  Not much wind!

This farmer could barely get his feet off of the ground, nor could he lift the egg . 

 This little chick lay on his side on the beach looking for-longingly at the sky where he wanted to be.

 This man ignored his purple people eater lying on the beach while he relaxed and read his book in peace.

 In fact the only activity seemed to be around the bubble maker, so I captures this heart shaped bubble that seemed to be hanging around some adults while a child reached up to break it.

The following day it rained, and Monday, returning from shopping on the mainland I saw some activity in the sky over the dunes.  I took my groceries home, grabbed my camera and hurried back.
Seeing that a pig could fly I continues down to the beach.

Though many of the contestants had departed, there were astronauts souring up to the sky

 Dragons of all shapes and colors.

 A frog being chased by a monster.

 And a large woman diver lying on the ground trying to get in the swim of things.

She finally succeeded and floated above in the beautiful blue sky trailing her fish. 

 Though there were still kites on the ground when I left, seeing the flying pig I had faith.

 And as I crested the dune I turned around to see this giant pig lift its feet off of the sand.

Looking back, I know I will return next year.

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