Sunday, October 9, 2016


After Labor Day at the New Jersey Shore, life returns to normal for the local residents.  School has started and the beaches are quiet, except for the lonely lifeguard, for whom college has not yet begun.

The waves pick up, often a boon for local surfers.

Sailboats head South, and the ocean glistens in the early morning light.

 Back at our house a pair of cardinal parents brought their two young fledglings to the feeder to try to teach them how to fend for themselves.

 Having watched  his parent enjoy the grapes Scott threw out for the birds, this little guy decided to try it for himself.

 Giving up, he returned to dad for a some help. Being a good father, he patiently tore off bits of the grape and fed it to his son.
Dad then left to ground to enjoy a bit of gird seed in peace,

In the meantime a baby Mockingbird decided to try the grape left by the baby Cardinal.

Dad watched from above, but refrained from interfering.

Back on the beach that night the fall full moon shone over the ocean, while the work boat for the beach replenishment lightened the horizon.

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