Sunday, October 16, 2016


Fall has arrived, the weather is cooler, the crowds have left and many of the birds, the sandpipers in particular have flown South.  I saw them gathering on the beach in great numbers and meant to go down with my camera, but didn't.  However fall has brought different activities for me, some short bike rides, to get my balance and confidence back, now that a lot of the summer traffic is a thing of the past, and time on Barnegat Bay, courtesy of a good friend and superior boatman and sailor, Newt.

We motored down to the south end of the island where the "Black Pearl" a tourist party ship was still in the water.

 If you need your own island, this one is a perfect location, not far off the western shore of Beach Haven.

Sometimes you see the strangest things in the bay.  How about this - a piece of dock (I think) complete with chair, being towed by a pair of Jet Skis!

 I always liked to see a bit of the old island, next to the new McMansions, such as these by the entrance to the causeway bridge.

And the Dutchman, a favorite lunch spot for sailors, even when I was young and on the bay.  It is about to be lifted off of its old pilings and placed temporarily on land so that the pilings can be replaced.


We passed the Surf City Yacht Club, where I and our children spent so much time in years past when it was a much smaller structure.

 Since there was a small after season regatta going on up bay, we went down to watch.

 The wind was brisk, the competition strong as the sailors tacked for the mark, and I have to admit I 
was nostalgic and a bit envious.

 But I was just glad to be out there with our good friend and my husband to enjoy the afternoon.

 On the way back we passed another residence in the middle of the bay, but not as modern.  It looked more like a fishing/hunting shack with its own waterway entrance in the perfect location.

 A walk on the beach the next day provided me with an interesting subject for my camera, which first I had to go home to get.  I should always walk with my camera, but I don't

 White foam was gathering at the edge of the waves on a flat beach at low tide.  The wind would pick it up and blow it across the beach, sparkling in the sunlight.

 This gull, prancing at the water's edge could have been the leader of the parade. 

 Walking up the beach entrance I spied this sand formation, which reminded me of a small version the Dillan Pinacles in Gunnison, CO that I had so often photographed.

Walking by a neighbor's house, who had already retreated to Florida,

 My eye was attracted to the flowers in her garden, the last of the beauties of summer past.

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