Saturday, October 15, 2016


To go back a bit to earlier in the summer, we had a delightful trip to southern North Carolina to visit friends who spend their summers in the mountains there.  It was the first trip away from the island and a treat to get away from the confusion of the move from Colorado.
 We Drove past wonderful green fields of corn.

 And beautiful Rivers reflecting the blue sky above.

 This Giant guitar as we entered the state of Tennessee,

And past rock walls that seemed to reach the sky.

The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina showed that they deserved their name.

Till we found the little Village of Toxaway Falls, high in the mountains almost to the boarder of South Carolina.

The mountain flowers were beautiful.

The falls from which the village got its name was right outside out friends condo.

                   Knowing how much I like waterfalls
                   and enjoy photographing them, our    
                   friends took us to see several others.
                   Though this part of North Carolina                    was  experiencing a drought and
                   "Big Water" Falls wasn't living up to its                     name it was still beautiful.  We walked
                    could take this composite of 3

 From the top  we could see Toxaway Lake in the distance.

And "Dry Falls" despite the drought did not deserve its name either, unless it got its name from the fact you can walk behind it and stay dry.

We visited antique shops in near-by towns, while our husbands showed great patience.

And had a lovely lunch in this beautiful Grove Park Inn in Asheville, filled with history.  We sat on the porch overlooking the golf course and countryside, a beautiful setting!

I enjoyed browsing the antique vehicles  displayed inside.

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