Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Our trip to Vail was instigated by our late life passion for the game of Bridge. We attended a session of lessons with friends from Crested Butte, given by a marvelous teacher from Canada, 
Barbara Seagram.

         Turning at Glenwood Springs towards Vail along the Eagle River, there was a lot of raft and
                                                                    Kayak activity.

   The highway to Aspen is a pleasure to drive, nothing like the roads in our part of Colorado.
It is a two level freeway through the canyon, with the East bound lanes at river level and
 the West bound lanes high above.

Our condo in Vail was right by this charming creek which was rushing with water from all of the rain.

The Colorado Columbine grew there in profusion.

As did the Bladder Campion and the Fireweed.

Driving home at the end of the week, we encountered the damage done by a week of showers.
                Mudslides caused havoc with the roads and produced delays in traffic.

But after passing over the McClure Pass blue skies began to appear.

                   Back in Crested Butte, our mountain stood below some light high fog and blue sky.

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