Tuesday, August 5, 2014


In the summertime leaving Crested Butte for Vail or other destinations to the North, there is a new option because Kebler Pass is open.  In the winter it is covered with deep snow and inaccessible.

    Approaching the beginning of the Pass you pass this wonderful view of  green meadows and
                       "The Dykes" & Ruby Mountain - a popular hike in summer.

           Kebler Pass takes you through aspen forests, which by the way are golden in the fall,

By Wildlife, like this deer on the side of the road - the sometimes domestic animals, horses and cattle.

Lost like is a favorite camping, kayaking and hiking spot.  There are 2 smaller lakes a bit higher up,                                           and waterfalls, and always gorgeous wildflowers.

  Majestic Marcellina Mountain towers over the terrain reminding one that the Rockies  prevail

                                 And occasionally a Yellow Bellied Marmot will show itself.

Redstone is one of my favorite stops.  The old coke ovens by the roadside tell its history, and the hotel and town by the Crystal River are a turn of the century resort with many quaint shops to enjoy.
The Crystal River is crystal clear and is a favorite of Kayakers and rafters, and of course fishermen.

The scenery is spectacular and the red rock is prevalent, contrasting beautifully with the other colors
                                                           of  rock and the vegetation.

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