Saturday, August 2, 2014


Living in Colorado where we do, horses and wildflowers are part pf the scenery in the summer.  The Lacy Ranch, on the road between Crested Butte and Gunnison, hosts a "Cutting Horse" competition each July, drawing contestants from all across the West & Mid-West.  The horses are beautiful, and superbly trained for their job - which is to cut one particular animal from a herd of cattle.  We have gone the past 3 years just to admire the skill of the animals and riders, who are not allowed to give any directions to their horse.  Our first year I went wild with my camera, photographing the horses in the practice and warm-up ring, getting a cooling showers, etc. but this year I confined myself to the  competition which takes place inside, in a huge barn.

This cowboy has cut out his 1st steer within the allotted time.

Later that week I decided to walk down the hill across from us, early in the morning, to grab some shots of the horses as they came in from their night of rest and freedom to enjoy their oats and start their day of taking riders up the trails.

 Some come in reluctantly, the long way around, with encouragement from the well trained dog.

 Some trot in eagerly, thinking mainly of the oats, I am sure.

Others  mosey in with their friends to begin another day of work

Walking back up the hill to our home I couldn't resist snapping pictures of a few of the wildflowers.
                                 The sun was just hitting these Mountain Gumweed

These Orange Sneezeweed were showing their color.
As were the Scarlet Gilia

Lupine and Fleabane

As I arrived at home this little friend welcomed me.

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