Friday, November 7, 2014


Though we live in the East during the fall months, it has been years since we have traveled to New England to see the fall colors.  This year we signed up with VBT for a bike trip to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard in Early October.  Since this was a place we had never visited my husband found a bridge tournament in Sturbridge, MA the week before, so we made it a real vacation.

The colors of the leaves were beautiful and vibrant on the sunny day we traveled north, and I took many photos from the car as we barreled along the highways at high speed - not the best way!!

When we arrived at our hotel in Sturbridge we took a short walk to work out the kinks and found this lovely lake not far from where we were staying.

Having a free day before we planned to play bridge we drove to Lexington to see new friends who we had met the year before on a bike trip to Sicily.  They had a wonderful farm that has been in the family since 1884, and we found Jim at their "stand" fronted by this incredible array of pumpkins.

We wandered through the store with mouths watering at the beautiful fruit and vegetable there for purchase.  I wished I lived nearer because I knew I would never again just go to the grocery store!

Jim Wilson met us and gave us a tour of the "behind-the-scenes". Having already spied the case of pastries, all made on site I was hoping to see where they were made.

We did - in this exceptionally well equipped kitchen where this "Halloween House" was under construction.   I would have loved to be there to see it finished and on display.

Before going outside to see some of the fields and the displays for the Halloween Hay Ride for children, we passed through the green house filled with Poinsettias soon to be ready for market.  A wonderful experience andwonderful people who do so much for their community.

After a special lunch with Jim and Cindy Wilson we rode through Lexington before returning to
Sturbridge, and this statue in the center of the square exemplified the history or our country and the revolution that was fought here,

Back in Sturbridge we checked out the location for the bridge tournament the next morning, which was by the shore of this lovely lake.

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