Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I did not bike the next day, rain was predicted.  The weatherman and I were both wrong.  But riding the van gave me the opportunity of retaking some of the photos I had lost.

We caught up with the bikers at the West Chop Lighthouse built in 1817 and run by the Coast Guard.

Some of the bikers were taking a rest and enjoying the view.

I snapped this picture as they were starting off down the hill - and I wished I was with them.

But I had the time to appreciate the wind swept trees in front of the home across the street.

We next caught up with some of the group at the Chilmark Pottery in West Tisbury, a town that was officially incorporated in1892, the last town to do so.
so on Marth's Vineyard.  The Pottery was an active place where you could see a wide variety of hand
made pots, dishes, vases, etc. and observe the
owner throwing clay on his wheel

At the Martha's Vineyard Glassworks we were treated to a glass blowing demonstration, a beautiful
vase in this case that turned a lovely blue as it cooled.

I was fascinated by the display of glass pumpkins, a specialty for the season, and proceeded to buy one. It looks lovely on our dining room table for the Thanksgiving Holidays.

We stopped for lunch at the "7a" in West Tisbury, a small shop exuding the aroma of fresh baked pastries where one could purchase huge delicious sandwiches to share.

 Next door was Alley's General Store.  It  contained the most incredible array of  "stuff" I have
ever seen under one roof -

And it doubled as a post office with these boxes you can now see in antique stores.

Across the street at the town hall/library was the rest room which displayed the sign showing its special type of recycling.

The last stop of the day before retuning to our hotel for the farewell dinner was the Granery Gallery,
to allow me to re-take a couple of the pictures I had lost the night before.  I loved this fence made to resemble a cow.
And this 2 piece statue in the yard, one of many, took my eye.

The next and last day, before heading to the ferry we took a short bike ride to Katama Beach, a 3 mile stretch of barrier beach on one side and a protected salt pond on the other.  It reminded me of Surf City, NJ when I was a child.

Returning to Vineyard Haven for lunch at the Black Dog Tavern, we had the opportunity to see our Ferry arrive to return us to Cape Cod, the start of our way home.

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