Sunday, November 2, 2014


Where has the summer gone?? Here it is November and we have had a beautiful, cool summer here in New Jersey - busy as usual, and I find I have taken very few photos. I just realized that my last post was our trip up Pikes Peak in Colorado, before we returned to our shore home. So here I am with a few memories of the past few months here in Surf City - as we here the wind howling outside with the first signs of the coming winter.

Thought there were many beautiful day this summer, my camera comes out most often when the storms are around and the ocean is most interesting.  A strong land breeze always makes nice waves.

Sitting on the dock at the end of our street on summer day waiting for the Laser sailboat race to get within range of my camera lens I was joined by a pair Laughing Gulls.  They have always been a favorite summer visitor of mine - except when they land in our yard to steal the cat food I put out.

I captures these 3 across the bay heading towards the next marker.

Having heard that the Humpback Whales were starting the annual migration south along the Jersey Coast I got up early several morning to sit on the beach at the end of our street with my camera - hoping to capture a shot of a mother and her calf.  The clouds were pretty -

The sunrise spectacular, but the water rough and IF there were any whales out there they were too hard to spot.

However I took the picture of a sailboat heading south on the distant horizon with a much closer gull
flying overhead.

Another calmer morning I sat and watched the waves roll onto shore, and the pelicans skim the surface as the color in the sky brightened - but again saw no whale spouts.

As luck would have it the very next day a humpback breached right off of the end of our street, but I wasn't there to see or record it.  - Maybe next year!

Walking the beach one day we spotted a pair of Long Billed Curlew, and I snapped this one before it flew away,
And of course the Herring Gulls, full time residents are always there, enjoying the shallow pools at low tide.

As the Kite Surfers and Kayakers enjoy the wind and waves.

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