Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Our summer in Colorado is coming to an end, and I am looking back to the new people and creatures that came into our lives these past few months..

This little rabbit was spotted one day and immediately adopted by our son, Scott. It gave me a new subject for my camera.

It always seemed to be there when we got up in the mornings, waiting in anticipation (we hoped).

Scott began shaving carrots for him as a treat, and he gobbled them down with relish.

One morning our neighbor, Bob was walking his lamas down our street and stopped to visit.

Scott got an introduction to Betsy and Oreo, and it is not hard to guess which was which.

In the bird life in our yard, the Orioles had passed on, replaced by these birds which we identified
(hopefully correctly) as female and young Yellow-headed Blackbirds.  If anyone who sees this
picture has a different idea, I would be glad to hear it.  Of course the hummingbirds continued to empty the feeders of sugar water - no bears here to worry about (I hope).

From our bedroom window above the ground was usually covered with our feathered friends.

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