Tuesday, September 1, 2015


As a city girl, who has spent a lot of her life by the ocean, the wonderful bales of hay in the fields have always fasinated me.  How were they made?  so neatly??  Finally I had a front row seat to the whole process, right out my back door.

First this tractor pulling a raker went by fluffing up the newly mowed grass.

It was followed closely by this strange looking  machine towed behind another tractor.

It all became clear as the tractor came to a stop and began to raise its rear cover.

Out came an "egg", a neatly rolled bale of hay.

The tractor pulled off to gather more grass to create another bale.

Before long the field was dotted with neatly rolled bales.

The next day the gathering began,  The tractor put it tongs inside the center of the bale,

Lifted it, and neatly placed it in a truck on top of other recently picked up bales.

Before long the field was cleared, ready for the coming winter.

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