Tuesday, September 1, 2015


When the old raft sprung a leak and the company agreed to a return and refund, a new raft recame a possibility.

I drove the raft and its captain up to the launching point for the Gunnison River.  With time on my hands before picking him up at the end, I decided to spend some time trying to photograph some of the residents of the local Prairie Dog colony.

One of the colonies is very near the shopping center and this resident made it his job to alert everyone
that an intruder was near.

This little guy decided to peak out to see what or who was causing all of the commotion.
But this well fed adult seemed not concerned, only interested.

The next day, having had a successful maiden voyage under his belt, Scott found a way to enter Tomichi Creek which flows by the end of our street on its way to the Lower Gunnison River.  He assured us it was a beautiful , easy ride and took his father the next day and me the following.
Of course where I go, usually goes my camera, and the captain is a good  spotter of wildlife.  He saw a little animal atop a rock, that I could barely see.  So I pointed my camera where he said and snapped.

                                            Sure enough there sat a very contented Marmot.

The ride was peaceful and beautiful as described, with a few nice homes occasionally appearing on the shores.

There was a definite transition as we passed into the faster flowing Gunnison River.

I have to admit there was some confusion in finding the  planned landing place, but the captain finally found the location he wanted, and when the old passinger finally reached dry land, I snapped the shot below of where we had been.

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