Friday, August 14, 2015


I bet you wonder why these images have been on my blog for 2 weeks with no comments!!  That is what turning 80 does - gives you an excuse for laziness and forgetfullness.  Anyway these are some shots taken "On the Fly" from our car travelling usually at 60 MPH on the way to Aspen.  It was the end of July, and as we left Crested Butte rain was predicted.

But heading over Kebler Pass some blue sky was still showing.  However, clouds hung low over Marcellina Mountain forboding indication of what miht lay ahead.

The Aspen trees are lovely in rain or shine, as they were that day above the lush green of the undergrowth,   A very wet summer in Colorado had some advantages.

Going over McClure Pass the Ragged Mountain in the distance were shrouded in clouds,

Coming down out of the highlands near Paonia, we passed a lovely lake.

And encountered 2 young bucks out for a stroll.

Paonia Resevoir was full to the brim as was Blue Mesa near us.  Despite the cloudy weather, people were there enjoying their boats and fishing.

Coming into Glenwood Springs the sky cleared enough to show off the red rock cliffs inall their splender.

Heading East again along the Colorado River outside of Glenwood Springs, the rafters were there in
great numbers.

I always marvel at the engineering of the roads through the Glenwood Canyon.  One way follows the Colorado River at ground level. while the other is high above weaving through tunnels curved through the canyon walls.

Returning at the end of the week we were treated with sunshine and blur skies.  The ancient sand dunes stood out against the mountains.

The tunnels were well lit and that time of day not crowded so it was pleasant driving.

The River was a nice blue reflecting the sky, and this shot shows the railroad tracks on the south side  and the 2 level road on the north.

Before traversing the pass on the way home, we took a brief detour to the town of Marble.  Located on the Crystal River it is known for it's mable deposit which were used for the Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, in Washington, and Municipal buildings in New York and other major cities.  We stopped at a shop with many beautiful marbel carving in the yard, this one of 3 horses being only one.

This lovely lake outside of town reflected some of the surrounding mountains.

The blue sky persisted the whole trip home and I couldn't resist a photo of some of the mountains nearer home.  A wonder trip all in all.

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