Sunday, August 9, 2015


We settled in rather quickly, enjoying the peace and quiet of our new temporary home in Gunnison.

Our son was anxious to take his father down the Gunnison river on his raft, a trip I had done in the early spring before we left for New Jersey.  However now the river was flowing faster and the                                shoreline was green from all of the rain. It was beautiful.

As I awaited their arrival at the end of the trip this little chipmonk attracted my attention.

                                  It wasn't long before the voyagers arrived safe and sound.

Later in the week we drove west to Montrose to sell some antiques to dealers there. Passing the Blue Mesa Reservoir, the water level was higher then we had seen in in 15 years.  When we left Colorado in April everyone was concerned about the water table after 2 years of minimal snow pack for our part of Colorado, but Mother Nature certainly took care of that problem with spring rain fall.

                   The trees that were normally high up the banks were partly in the water.

                                        The sky was blue and the reservoir was full and healthy.     
                                    I have never seen the countryside as green as it is this year!!

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