Sunday, August 9, 2015


I can't believe that it has been 2 1/2 months since I have added to my blog.  Guess I should attribute it to advancing age, lack of energy, or maybe just too busy having fun.  I like the last excuse.
Anyway, here we are back in Colorado, in our rented home in Gunnison, where the weather is cool and the views still beautiful, and the neighbors friendly.  Who can ask for more.  I have taken many photo as always, and when we arrived about a month ago, we immediately sought out what was unique about Gunnison.

 We arrived in the middle of the "Cattlemen's Days" and the 115th consectuive rodeo.  Gunnison
was the site of the first rodeo in the state of Colorado, and the week remains an important celebration.

 It was attended by locals and out of towners of all ages, including this charming young cowgirl.

 The event began with a stirring patriotic celebration led by beautiful adult cowgirls carrying banners
                                                    of all the various military services.

 Then began the competitors from all over the state and country for that matter.  The bull riders, with
                                           the clowns doing their daring job to keep the riders safe.

             They were followed by the bucking broncos, the calf roping, and many more events.

As a complete change of entertainment, the next night we attended one of the summer concert events
                        held at the I-Bar Ranch just outside of town.  Great music, at a good price.

             And the open air atmosphere afforded a beautiful view of the setting sun.

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