Sunday, August 9, 2015


Having had a pleasant rafting trip on the Gunnison, Scott wanted to take his Dad down the Taylor. 
The Taylor River which comes from higher up in the mountains is faster running, with a lot of boulders.

We drove up to the launching area and while I waited for the men to unload the raft I grabbed a few photos

Among the wildflowers I found this pick rose bush growing near the river.

As the raft sat at the water's edge

I took this photo of the waiting waves.

But I was ready when the rafters launched from the shore.  

Having photographed our son last summer when he took his kayak down this river, I knew the good places to stop to grab a shot, but I saw no raft.

 Thinking perhaps the fast moving river had already caarried beyond that point, I moved on to the next.  Still no raft in sight.

Trying not to be concerned, I moved on, and just waited!!  Eventually I was rewarded with this sight -
They looked OK though I noticed Chuck was now hatless.

I watched them successfully run the rapid and moved on to the next location.

Well ahead of them I had time to again take a few photos.

And watch this fisherman trying his luck in the river.  However I never saw him land a fish.

Driving on ahead I watched them successfully maneuver a rocky part of the river.

And grabbed a few flower shots before leaving to be there at meet them at the landing.

Back in relatively calm water I saw nothing but smiles - that was until I got my husband in a warm car and the shivering began.  The story was - sitting too high in the raft they upset very near the beginning of the trip

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