Sunday, August 9, 2015


Having seen our rented house in the last winter, we had no idea what the grounds looked like.

It was a delightful sight for our eyes in the summer, once we got it cleaned up.

We got back before all of the Ornamental Poppies had finished blooming, and enjoyed other flowers as  they came out.

                                 The Potentilla came out with a mass of yellow flowers.

Pink Peonies bloomed by the back deck, and Raspberry bushes began to bear fruit by the garage.

The bushes outside the kitchen windows broke out in bloom, and I rediscovered some of my pots
to plant with annual flowers.

We continued to enjoy the green of the trees across the fields and the ever changing shades of the hills beyond.

Visits from the wildlife are a pleasure, the occasional deer, rabbits, chipmonks, etc.

And the rainbows which accompany the afternoon showers

And one afternoon this beautiful rainbow, which as the sky darkened became the most vivid double rainbow I have ever seen,

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