Saturday, October 18, 2008


We had decided before our trip that a visit to this part of France deserved a full day in Strasbourg, the capital of the Alsace region. We were not wrong. Positioned at the meeting of several rivers, the site at which Strasbourg now stands has been inhabited since the Bronz Age. Its history has been one of destruction and conquests from Attila, the Hun to the Nazis, who annexed the city in 1940. A good bit of the architecture reflects German design being so close to that country and considering its varied history.

The famous cathedral, referred to as "the great pink angel of Strasbourg" dominates the skyline of the old city, and is one of the most remarkable masterpieces of Gothic art in northern Europe. The enormous facade, which is 66 meters high and 45 meters wide took nearly 100 years to construct from 1277 to 1365, and the spire, which rises to 142 meters wasn't completed until 1439.

One cannot stroll through the streets of Strasbourg without enjoying the many Patisserie shop windows which display fantastic creations of sweets.

Some of the chocolate even resembles our American hot dogs and hamburger patties.

A visit to Strasbourg would not be complete without a tour of the city by canal boat. The trip takes you past the charming waterfront of the canals,

through a lock to the river system and the modern glass buildings which house the seat of the European Union.

And as with everywhere, there are always the children!!


Sandy Sandy said...

I just love these pictures Sally, especially the one with the swans! Simply magical!

Anonymous said...

you photos are beautiful and love the pastries and Paris and of course all of the others that tell of your trip. Patty