Thursday, April 25, 2013


Since the morning ride was to be a steep, long uphill and the afternoon downhill to our new hotel, we decided to skip the morning and take the van.

However this didn't bother most of the younger riders.

At the top of the hill we met the rest of the group to explore Noto Antica.
Noto Antica was an ancient city that was destroyed by the terrible earthquake of 1693.  It is enclosed between two great ravines which made the city easy to defend.  Its streets were once crowded with people and are now surrounded by vegetation.

The Castello Reale was started in 1091 by Duke Giordano, boosted in 1430 by Duke Peter, modernized in 1545 under Charles V, and finally in 1675 provided with guns during the              France-Spanish War.

Doorways are all that remain of once sturdy homes.

            The new Hospital, along with the small church was built here in the mid 16th century.

Part of the old wall remained intact along the edge of a ravine, with the remains of a watch tower in the distance.
Peggy who rode up the hill with us got back on her bike for the trip to Agriturismo Agri Milo.

It is a teaching farm of 22 Hectares.

 At the farm we saw stone walls and flowers galore.  Owned by 3 brothers who also have a restaurant
 where they prepare local specialties from their home grown vegetables.

 When we were there several classes of school children were  taking turns riding in the donkey cart, while others were making kites (which probably wouldn't fly)!

This is only a part of the delicious lunch that we were served while we were there.  We were well fortified for our DOWNHILL ride to our next hotel.
Hotel Borgo Pantano was a very pleasant surprise when we arrived there.  The patio was filled with
                       interesting objects of various kinds and had comfortable places to sit.

But best of all it led to the pool, outside bar and a cabana!!

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