Thursday, April 25, 2013


On our 2nd full day in Palermo we decided to begin with a long walk to the sea - to see what we could see!!
As we neared the water we saw a section of the old city walls that still remained very much intact.

The Harbor itself was filled with a large variety of boats - everything from small working fishing boats to large luxurious yachts and sailing vessels.

From there we took a short walk to the gardens of Villa Guilia which were adjacent to the botanical gardens.  This ceiling dome of one of the rest areas gives testaments to the Moorish period after the downfall of the Western Roman Empire.

The gardens in this area were abloom with colorful flowers even so early in April.

Continuing on to Orto Botanico, flowers were not so profuse, but the variety of trees and bamboo was plentiful.   This section was started along with a medical school as a source of healing and medicinal plants of all varieties, many of which were growing in pots.

The streets were crowded not only with cars but motorcycles were a very popular form of transportation.  At least they were loud enough that you could hear them coming.

We passed through the Potra Nuova on the way back to our hotel.  It was begun in the 2nd half of the 16th century to commemorate the entry of Charles V to the city almost 50 years earlier through the
15th c. gate that stood there at that time. It unites the characteristics of the triumphal arch with marked Renaissance elements.
Heading back to our hotel, I had to get a picture of this old camera on display there.  I would not have been happy to have had to carry it around for very long.

That evening after packing we decided to forgo dinner for a drink in the Hotel Bar tended by 
Maurizio who we had gotten to know the night before.

He surprised us with a sampling of Sicilian appetizers - a very welcome end to a very nice day.

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