Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The next morning, before breakfast we walked around the grounds of our splendid hotel.

The pool, early in the morning was deserted, and serene,

This children's riding horse hanging from a tree in the play area and these whimsical chairs were special.

                        We gathered for the group photo before boarding the bus to Syracuse

Our hotel was a 4 star, and I think lived up to its rating.
The room was luxurious with a view of the sea from the
windows, a glass topped sink in the bathroom,  and
comfortable beds.  Couldn't ask for anything better

We left our hotel for a walk through the city, starting along the coast
outside our room, enjoying the view,

and ending at the Fountain dedicated to Diana the Huntress.

Along the way to Cathedral Square I spied these figures, the center one, the Trinacria, Medusa, appears on flag of Sicily, adopted in 1282.


The Cathedral rises on the highest point of the Island of Ortygia.  In ancient times it was the site of the Temple of Athena, a magnificent example of a Doric structure from the 5th century B.C. On the
Byzantine age, 7th century A.D., the Temple was transformed into a Christian basilica.

We found a nice spot by the water for lunch, and in our wanderings afterwards,

Were fascinated by this bike rental set up.  We never did figure out how to put money in.

We made a short visit to the Puppet Museum.

But there was no show that day.

Just wandering the narrow streets and alleyways was an
adventure in itself. There was always something new to
see and enjoy.

We finished our day at the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, which were freed during the thirties and
forties of the 20th century from the medieval structures that covered them. This is considered the
oldest of the peripteral  Doric temples in Sicily ( sixth century B.C.).

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