Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Six of us hired a driver to take us to the town of Taormina on our first full day in Syracuse.

Mt Etna did us a great favor by erupting with a spout of smoke to entertain us on the way.

The view changed continuously as we drove north along the highway near the eastern coast.

Taromina lies on the slopes of Mt Tauro almost at the border of the province off Catania.  Greek in origin, it grew up in the fourth century B.C, with a beautiful view overlooking the Ionian coast with Mr Etna as a backdrop.

Parking outside the city wall, the fist thing we encountered was a vegetable stand.

Passing through the city walls into the city of Taormina we peeked into this church with lovely purple stone pillars.

Since motorized vehicle were prohibited with the town, we saw the postman's transportation parked momentarily along side of a building.
As I wandered and took pictures, Chuck looked for restaurants for lunch, I knew he would find a good one - he is very experienced,

I, however was fascinated by this little battery operated biker, who as he circled his box caused the battery operated little dog to back as he passed.

I found a courtyard overlooking the water that had this great view of Mt Etna.

While Chuck, almost patiently, waited for me to stop taking photos.

But I couldn't resist the lovely balcony full of flowering plants,

Or this display of fresh lemons and fruit,

Or the bakery window filled with some of the best Sicily has to offer.

Later, meeting up again with our friends, we returned to Chuck's pick for lunch, "Romeo & Juliet" spread out at the top of a steep set of steps near the city wall.

We all enjoyed our lunch and the company of Cindy and Peggy.
We finished our time there with a ride to the top of the mountain with our guide,

Where the view down to the Ionian Sea was spectacular,

And the Gelato while sitting in these fur covered seats the best.

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