Thursday, May 24, 2012


When Chuck decided that despite our aches and pains, a lot of which come with age, we might be able to manage another bike trip this spring with VBT, I jumped at the chance. We have done 5 trips with them in recent years and each one has been wonderful. Since they just added a new trip to Poland, never having been there, and knowing nothing about the country, we decided to sign up.
Arriving in Warsaw after a long flight from Newark , a change of planes and long layover in Munich, I was more exhausted than I have ever been after an overseas flight. We finally connected with our driver and rode through a rather unimpressive city to our hotel in “Old Town”, Hotel Le Regina.
It was modern, with a beautiful lobby and friendly help who spoke good English (Polish is a mystery to my language challenged mind).
The most welcome sight however was our room and we both took advantage of this clean soft white bed immediately. The weather was warm, unusually so, and upon wakening we decided on a light supper at the hotel restaurant sitting outside. I had a catfish pierogi with feta cheese & a unknown (to me) sauce that was unbelievably delicious. Chuck had a form of ragout that he said was equally delicious.
While we were sitting there a horse drawn carriage came by, the first of many we were to see in Stare Miasto (Old Town).
Before going back to bed we took a stroll into Old Town to admire the scenery and people,
The buildings and the churches,
And of course the shop windows.
It is amazing what could be done with horseshoes, if you had a skinny, strong neck.

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