Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the afternoon, exhausted from our 4 intense hours in the museum, we decided to walk back to old town. It was hard to comprehend that "old town" was not really and old town. While Warsaw itself was 86% destroyed by the Germans, Old town was completely leveled - 100%!! In rebuilding it they were faithful to the historic structures, even to making the houses lean slightly forward as the old ones had done.
Coming to the first square, music caught our attention and these two young people were dancing, a la "Dancing with the Stars", a favorite of ours back home.
This street of colorful buildings too deserved a photo.
I have always like old city walls, this one, rebuilt of course included.
Since it was a weekend, the streets were filled with people and children.
And though the tables in the central market were empty because of the rain and cool wind they were ready should there be a change in the weather.
It always amazes me how many American fast food restaurants had made it to cities in other parts of the world, Pizza Hut being no exception.
This plack in the street outside of one of the churches near the square tells its whole story.
In the center of the square stands this statue of a mermaid - the symbol of Warsaw.
While I was wandering around taking photos, Chuck was checking the nearby restaurants.
Choosing this one we had an exceptional light supper along with a couple who looked like newly weds. When I asked our waiter if they were bride and groom he confirmed that they were and we got into a discussion of marriage lengths - his 14 years, ours 55. Upon leaving he stopped us with 2 small glasses of honey vodka, a specialty of Poland produced in the southern mountains and supposed to grant happiness. We will be trying to purchase a bottle of this nectar of the gods the rest of our trip!!
Heading back to our hotel we were wished a farewell by this handsome knight - a happy end to our day!

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