Thursday, May 24, 2012


On our 2nd full & last day in Warsaw we decided to walk down the Royal Way to Nowy Swiat (New Town).
We walked through the main square, again enjoying the colorful buildings.
From one of the bridges we could see the new National Stadium, the pride of Warsaw.
Continuing on, we passed the Presidential Palace.
I enjoyed the pansies in bloom everywhere.
In front of the University was a statue of Copernicus whom, as I remembered from college was the first scientist insisting that the sun was the center of our universe with the planets revolving around it. He was a Polish Astronomer and a true Renaissance man.
Walking back to the Royal Palace we saw photos of the palace after it was destroyed by the Germans in 1945.
And the way it appears now - an amazing reconstruction in a matter of 3 years.
This exquisite fireplace was only one of the many reconstructed throughout the palace.
The colors in this small anti-chamber I found very pleasing.
This throne in the colors of Poland was repeated in many of the rooms - each one more beautiful that the previous. But comfortable??
This clock, the world globe on the shoulders of Atlas was one of the treasures saved after this first bombing of the palace. It no longer runs but is stopped at the time of that fateful event. Later the whole palace was brought down by explosives placed in holes drilled into the base of the walls.
This beautiful reception room, of which I only show one alcove, was being set up for a concert that evening. How I would have loved to attend!!

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