Thursday, May 24, 2012


In the morning we rode our bikes to the town market while our guides bought food for the lunch at the castle later.
As with all markets the vegetables were fresh and looked delicious.
There were flowers and many other things to see, but these bags of beans and grains took my interest.
Of course there was time for visiting before the group headed out in the rain to the ferry to cross over the Vistula River.
The ferry, attached by cable to both shores started on its way as soon as the captain saw potential passengers arrive on the opposite shore.
Susan and Alan arrived just in time.
We don't think OSHA in the USA would have approved the open cable assembly.
The Captain, early in the day was friendly, insisting on sharing his hat for a photo. Not so later in the day when we took the shorter ride and returned earlier then the rest of the group.
At this first little town, Zwolen I saw these horses and rider at a recruiting station I understand. They were a matched trio.
We rode past beautiful fields of yellow canole flowers, used to make Canole oil,
And many kms of wonderful forests.
Finally we reached the Janowiec Castle.
Part of it had been restored and there was a nice room off the center courtyard where, because of the drizzle we had lunch.
Accompanied by this old Polish suit of armor.
Our guide, always smiling Coleen had prepared us a wonderful spread of salads and sandwiches and we got a piece of a bread chicken created by a famous bakery in town.
That evening on our way from our hotel to a lecture given by an artist I couldn't resist this picture as a reminder of our great lunch.
The lecture by a very delightful woman told us the history of her husband,s 200 year old home, and though they lost their large track of land to the communists, they were thankful to enjoy their home with its many old treasures and life in general.
We completed the evening with a delightful day with an excellent supper in the good company of Alan & Jim.

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